China Book Car provides a variety of vehicle models for rental and lists some most popular ones as below for your reference. If you have any other models of preference, please let us know, our magic team will meet your needs in a timely manner!

Toyota Coaster (20 pax)

The Toyota Coaster minibus provides good room and comfort for up to 20 passengers, applied to various scenes

× 20 × 10

Mercedes Sprinter (14 pax)

The Luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van is yet another option for accommodating up to 14 passengers. For families returning to Los Angeles after a vacation, this is the perfect vehicle.

× 14 × 10

Mercedes S600 (3 pax)

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is ranked as the world's best-selling luxury sedan, and the S600 is most prestigious of the S-Class vehicles. The ultimate in luxury and safety. The ideal car for the senior executive to be chauffeured around in while here on business.

× 3 × 2

Toyota Hiace (12 pax)

The Toyota Hiace minivan provides versatility and comfort for up to 12 passengers. It is good option for business or leisure travel group.

× 12 × 8

Toyota Alphard (6 pax)

The Toyota Alphard is a luxury MPV popular as limousines across Asia. The Alphard delivers strong safety and roominess and luxury not common in the ordinary MPV's. The large luggage capacity makes it great for airport transfers.

× 6 × 4

Mercedes Viano (6 pax)

The Mercedes Viano minivan provides premier comfort and luxury for a group of up to 6 passengers. A great alternative to using multiple luxury sedans for a group of 4 to 6 passengers with foldable conference table inside.

× 6 × 5

Buick GL8 (6 pax)

The Buick GL8 provides versatility and comfort for up to 6 passengers. In China they are often the cars are the choice of business people and families as they are roomy and comfortable and very practical.

× 6 × 5

Audi A6L (3 pax)

The Audi A6L offers a level of refinement, with engaging performance, attractive styling and an opulent interior. The cabin is spacious and comfortable. It is a popular car for business activity, VIP customer reception and personal quality trip.

× 3 × 2
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